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Managing Change

Change can sometimes be difficult to adjust to. It can cause upset and lead to a feeling of instability which can leave us feeling vulnerable.

What we often loose sight of, due to overwhelming feelings and emotions, is that no matter how much things change what can remain the same, is our internal world. We are often unable to control what is outside of us, but we are able to (with work) manage what is inside of us!

If we are able to get to the point of a strong sense of self, we can feel a sense of stability from within. When this happens, we can feel that no matter what changes, we are safe within it. We can then face any change!

We can often, due to unexpected changes both past and present, be left with a sense of foreboding, perhaps not feeling good enough or capable, feeling hopeless or overwhelmed. We can then start to feel vulnerable. When this happens all sorts of things can happen from withdrawal to trying to control things and people around us, usually because within us things feel out of control. This can often lead to toxicity in relationships with others and towards ourselves. Perhaps we are then left feeling that we are 'wrong', 'stupid' or 'bad'. We then do not like what we are and often can feel 'How could anyone else want or love me...I am the problem...what is the point?'.

Yet in my work with clients, on a therapeutic path of discovery, together we can explore thoughts, feelings and emotions changing that path. Empowering you as it happens.

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