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Difficulty Sleeping?

The more we worry about loosing the sleep, the more difficult it is to sleep. This is an all too familiar cycle which can feel impossible to break. The more tired and run down we become, the more difficult it becomes to manage and cope.

There is a vast amount of information for those with difficulty sleeping on the internet. However, as a counsellor, I often find that people find it difficult to 'let go'. This is one of those things that sounds so very simple but can feel impossible. We often try to solve internal conflicts , try to make sense of things, or try to prepare ourselves for 'bad' things that may happen, when we lay unoccupied. Sharing and exploring in depth, what may be causing you to 'not let go' can often lead to a better sleep. This takes work but can be achieved with psychotherapy.

Take a look at the post "Why are mornings difficult?" to shed more light on this!

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