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How Can It Help?

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Counselling: Working towards change.

There may be times in our lives when our emotional well-being may feel "not well". This may feel frightening, confusing and difficult to understand or manage and have a huge impact upon us and those we relate to. It may feel difficult to seek help. I am a psychodynamic therapist and this approach involves exploring how past experiences may be influencing your feelings and emotions.

Finding your self acceptance

Emotions, Feelings and Understanding.

At these times you may feel you are stressed, having low mood or depression, feeling suicidal, suffering with anxiety, struggling  with bereavement and grieving, feeling more angry than usual, unable to talk to anyone in confidence about abuse, difficulty in coping, feeling the need to self harm or having suicidal thoughts. Counselling can help to explore this and more. Counselling can provide support during these difficult times.

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How Can Counselling Help?

I offer a private and confidential space for counselling where we can explore these feelings at your own pace. This is done in a safe space were thoughts and feelings can be shared with a qualified and experienced counsellor. A counselling space can be useful in facilitating a space where your thoughts, feelings and emotions are fully respected and treated without judgement, with care, understanding and confidentiality.

your capable genuine self

Changing towards a better life...

In exploring difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions with a qualified and experienced counsellor, together in counselling, we can aim to work toward positive change. Often a counsellor can help with the things you find difficult. Counselling can be either short-term or may extend over a much longer period, depending on your circumstances and needs. I will encourage you to talk about what is bothering you in order to begin to understand the root causes.


This is the search for yourself.

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